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The Foerderverein Dorfgeschichte (= historical society) was founded in 1986 when a group of residents of the village of Windschlaeg (now a suburb of Offenburg, Germany) became interested in the history of their local community and began going through countless documents and records that were archived by former mayor Karl Schmidt. Their research eventually led to a book by the title of „Windschlaeg, mein Heimatdorf“ („Windschlaeg, my home“). Over the years, a small but active club formed, dedicated to bring history alive through numerous projects including exhibitions and lectures. Since 1988, they also publish an annual digest („D’r Windschlaeger Bott“) with articles about their research and projects. The Foerderverein Dorfgeschichte closely collaborates with other local organizations and clubs.

In 1990, the Foerderverein Dorfgeschichte was awarded for its support and dedication to local traditions from the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Another matter of concern for the organization is to collect photographic prints and memorabilia of the past. During the past two decades, members were able to put together a remarkable photo archive that serves as a reminder of Windschlaeg’s interesting and compelling past. The Foerderverein Dorfgeschichte appreciates the help and support from anyone who has contributed to their archive in the past and appreciates any future contributions.